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About the Dread cult of Eligos

Type of organisation: Cult
Faction: Mortal ?

Cult description:
That’s odd. I mean, not that it’s the first time I hear about some weirdos worshiping a kindred. There’s been a bunch of these, growing like fungus, over night lately. But this one … ODD.
First, this group doesn’t seem to belong to any of us. Like, all the cults we are aware of tend to take root from our very own legends, and mythos. This Eligos has never been reported as an actual kindred. And him being Bathory’s and Dracula’s sire, or the real first vampire ? LMRAO (laughin my rotten ass off).
Our occults specialists have checked, twice, in our archives, and the only mention of Eligos (or Abigor) is in demonic books (eg : Solomon’s Legemeton), where it only says that this demon is a war specialist, and would have helped lords to defeat their enemies (yeah ok, this could match with Vlad defeating the Turks… But still).

Then comes the methods they use to get new followers … They openly post ads, like the one you see here, on forums and occult aficionados websites. So when a poor soul, looking for a way out from their miserable life is offered to become a powerful vampire’s retainer, whom will grant them eternal life if they follow orders like a good puppy, you bet they can’t refuse.
We are immortal monsters, yeah, and I’m sure you too have promised the same thing to a couple of ghouls, but using online methods like the blue whale challenge or momo challenge is kinda sickening to me. If you’ve never heard of those two, welp … some weirdos target weak and fragile teens online, gather some data about them, and then blackmail them into doing tasks, otherwise they leak the data online.
Though the tasks are first harmless (wake up at 3am, watch TV for 15 hours in a row), they become more and more dangerous to the target (stay awake for several nights in a row, scar their body, and most of the time ends up with suicide). This cult might use this technique to ensure the new members to be are obedient enough, and willing to do anything to be part of this group.
Anyhow, we should keep an eye on them. We wouldn't want any Masquerade breach, caused by some dumb lick playing god with mortals.

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