This Aranta-Shadur contains elements, such as strong language, references to death, torture, psychological abuse, etc, that are not suitable for some audiences.
Player discretion is advised.

About the Aranta-Shadur

Originally, the Aranta-Shadur is a Nosferatu game in which elders ask neonates to go on a scavenger hunt. The goal was to steal one object belonging to a Kindred in town, bring it back to the warrens, and then return it to its owner. Unnoticed!

Here though, there won't be any object to steal. From time to time, I will hide a link to a picture, a name, an object or a place, in the hub. The purpose of the game is to find it, and post the hidden name in the SchreckNet chatbox.

If you're up for a challenge, you can navigate through the hub, roam the logs folders, look for hints, clues, leading to the secret answer.

You also might want to reach the Hack tools page of the hub, as it will provide you some basic decryption tools you will probably need to win the challenge

Of course, you are allowed to use any tool you know, even some standard ones such as google, or google maps (yes, you might need to search for the answer, elsewhere)

Know more about the original Aranta-Shardur

Game modes

The Aranta-Shadur will end in :

Before starting
As this hub is still in development, some portions of it are not yet designed for mobile devices.
Therefore, for a better experience playing the Aranta-Shadur, we recommand using a computer,
with a decent internet browser installed(if you're using edge/IE, go download chrome, NOW).

Need some practicing ?
You might be either not a skilled Nossy, or just new to what's called ARGs (Alternate Reality Game).
Or maybe you didn't solve the Aranta-Shadur before time ran out.
In this case, head over to our new Aranta-Academy page.
There will be stored every finished Aranta, and you will be able to play them all over again.
Note that finishing them will not grant you the usual final reward, but hopefully will help you sharpen your skills.