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The local agents are nightly monitored by the court, in order to track their progress.
You can find detailed reports below.

Local agents tasks most recent updates

Night One, Tuesday:

Our story begins in Pittsburgh, modern day.

A formal Elysium gathering is being held by the Ventrue Prince, Marcus in the Tremere held Cathedral of Learning, which doubles as the chantry. Two kindreds are attending.
Danny is a Toreador industrial rock star of some note, who has had a somewhat rocky relationship both with his sire and the Camarilla establishment. Originally from England, he was embraced a few months prior.
Richard is a Tremere who was recently moved to Pittsburgh. Personally affluent, he lives outside the chantry in a manor owned by the Tremere.

The third player character, Lenny, is a recently embraced Nosferatu fleeing to Pittsburgh from a suspicious background. He has been in contact with a Nosferatu, Lilly, online and has arranged a meeting. He meets up with Lilly and the Nosferatu primogen, Sully. Sully agrees to introduce him to the prince and smooth over his transition to the city.

At Elysium, the prince makes a speech regarding the unity, peace and prosperity the city and its kindred inhabitants have seen over the past years. He welcomes Lenny to the domain, and brags about his domain being welcoming to all.
Then the prince presents the true reason for the gathering. A Brujah named Shaun is being promoted to deputy. Shaun was formerly an anarch sympathizer, and Marcus is somewhat fatherly pleased with his rising status in kindred society. Shaun seems a bit uncomfortable with the attention.

Notably absent from the party is Ambrose, the Toreador primogen and his clan mate Nora. The prince approaches Danny and asks him to seek out Ambrose to introduce Lenny to him, as he likes the primogen to know all the kindred in the city. Tobin, the Tremere regent, asks Richard to join them as he is suspicious of Nora.

The three get in contact with Ambrose who is currently outside of Nora's business, Temporal Beauty. This sells ancient antiques and artifacts. When they arrive, they find Ambrose utterly useless, swanning about in angst and upset, quoting poetry and unable to communicate what he found that upset him so. Entering the business, they are met with the smell of decay. Behind the counter, they find the several day old corpse of Nora's ghoul, apparently by self inflicted gunshot wounds. Further in, they find a laptop with multiple emails regarding an upcoming exhibition of artifacts from a collection from someone called F. Carol-Mitchell. In the backroom, they find half opened crates, a large quantity of ancient Meso American artifacts, a broken clay urn, and what appears to be the ash remains of a vampire. In the ashes is a single high heeled footprint.

The coterie calls their higher ups, and the response is startled and panicked. Noticing security cameras around, they track down where they feed to: a single desktop computer that has been smashed to bits. Richard extricates the hard drive, but believes recovering the data to be above all of their abilities. Meanwhile, the sheriff Gino, the new deputy Shaun, and the Tremere primogen Harriet have arrived. Harriet begins to investigate the place using Auspex, and confirms the remains to belong to Nora. The sheriff convinces the reluctant Richard to entrust the hard drive to the Nosferatu. He then declares his intentions to burn the building down.

Danny fears that Ambrose is not safe, and convinces Richard to drive them both back to his club forsafe keeping. Afterward, Richard goes back to the Tremere chantry and reports to his distressed Regent, Tobin, the events of the night. Tobin says that Nora disliked the Tremere and has a history of attempting to embarrass and discredit the clan in town. As the sun is rising, Richard spends the night in the chantry.
Lenny, meanwhile, is picked up by a ghoul belonging the Nosferatu primogen and taken to their warrens in a traffic tunnel. He is told is stay with the primogen and his childe is temporary, and is allowed free use of the computers there.

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Night Two, Wednesday:

Richard awakes in the chantry and has a longer conversation with his Regent Tobin. It seems that in the latter part of the last century, Tobin had supported the works of an adventurer and archaeologist named F. Carrol-Mitchell. He went so far as to temporary ghoul him to save him from an infection and to recommend him for embrace. However, Carrol-Mitchell was proven to be a fraud, falsifying his evidence, making up stories and using grave robbed artifacts from around the world to bolster outrageous claims. Tobin was a laughingstock for believing in it. Nora, it seems, had chosen to do a very public exhibition of his collection and planned to pay for advertising in the public areas of the Tremere's own chantry. Richard is encouraged to investigate.

Danny awakes in the basement of his club, the Institute, with Ambrose his primogen. Ambrose confesses to depression and a lack of musical inspiration and asks if Danny commiserates. Upstairs, Danny bumps into Tom. Tom is a 16 year old musician who Danny is "mentoring", but also using as a blood doll in a messed up relationship I fully intend to make increasingly disturbing. Tom asks if Danny is aware of a massive fire that wiped out a city block and killed a guy. Danny recognizes this as starting at Temporal Beauty, but the cover up shows it started next door at a pizzaplace. One of the businesses destroyed was a cafe, and Tom wants to do a benefit concert to raise money for them. Danny agrees.

From there, at his request, Danny takes Ambrose to a meeting of the Primogen. He arrives to find only three with the prince, Sully, Harriet, and Suzette. Immediately on their entering, the Tremere primogen Harriet starts treating Ambrose like a lapdog and declares him too upset to attend the meeting. She insists on taking him back to her haven and having him stay there until further notice.Danny barely contains how much he dislikes Harriet, and bumps into the deputy Shaun on the way out, who asks for his phone number.

Looking for answers, Danny goes to talk to a Brujah elder named Adelaide, but thanks to a botched roll the conversation ends up being a tedious discussion about Pittsburgh architecture. Richard has more luck seeking out answers from the local Brujah-run dive bar, Yinzers. He meets the Brujah primogen, then talks to a terrified fledgling who is covered in filth and trying to hide in the back corner. This is Jimmi, a recently embraced teenager who shares a sire with Shaun. Shaun recently found him and has been trying to get him to accept the Camarilla. This convinced him to visit the bar, but he was too afraid to talk. He is somewhat comforted after his talk with Richard.

At this point, every kindred receives a text sent jointly from the prince, the Ventrue primogen Suzette, Harriet the Tremere primogen, and Sully the Nosferatu primogen. They say that having reviewed the evidence, including the security camera footage, they have decided that Nora's death was an accident. The city's kindred are told not to panic and that to quell bad feelings Harriet will be throwing a party. Richard is surprised that the kindred at Yinzer's seems to accept and be relieved by this

Danny and Richard contact each other and decide to meet up. Afterwards, Shaun contacts Danny and requests a favor. All three meet at the Institute. Shaun says that Jimmi, the caitiff Richard had met, was a huge fan of Danny's work. After the death of Nora, he is trying to get Jimmi and the concurrently embraced Bobby off of the streets and to safety. He then confesses to have both seen the security camera footage and to have a copy he is willing to show them if they agree to talk the teenagers.

Booting up the footage, they see the shop closing, Nora entering the establishment and talking to her ghoul. She seems excited by the new shipment and starts going through the artifacts. Pulling an urn out, she accidentally knocks it over. This reveals a dark red orb that's been pressed into the clay at the bottom. Nora goes to pick it up, and with the contact is immediately shown to be in pain, exsanguinated and turned to a pile of dust. Her ghoul out front immediately panicked, tearing out his hair, screaming, and then pulls a gun from the safe and kills himself. There are several hours of still footage. Then an unknown man and woman enter the building. Upon finding the dead ghoul, they search the place. The woman searches the security footage and watches the method of Nora's death. She then instructs the man to pick up the orb with a coffee cup, and the footage ends with her smashing the computer.

Shaun admits that when the three primogen present at the meeting saw the footage they were upset by the woman, but that he doesn't know who she is. He then asks Danny and Richard to come speak to the two fledglings. Jimmi is swayed by Danny's fame and Richard's previous connection. Bobby is convinced that the Camarilla will kill them, and runs away. Jimmi decides to stay, coaxedby Richard's escalating promises of new clothes, electronics, and a car.

The two take Jimmi back to Richard's haven, and basically inform him of “Being Kindred for Dummies”. He is barely listening, and is conflating the Camarilla with old mafia movies. He reveals that he and Bobby were living under a bridge. They were high school best friends who werekilled and turned by Leon while out making trouble one night. Leon barely instructed them, but told the apparent ills of the Camarilla and left to their own devices. Bobby also has frenzied and killed at least one person in his two weeks since his embrace. Jimmi is upset Bobby didn't agree to join him, but promises he will do his best to try to impress his friend and turn him around. He also wants to go back and see his mother.

As the sun rises, Danny is stuck at Richard's haven, which he doesn't trust, not drinking the bottled blood which he doesn't trust, and avoiding the cats, who he doesn't trust.

Meanwhile, Lenny awakes in the Nosferatu warrens and takes to the computers, finding out what information the Nosferatu have on him, the city, and everything else. While there, Sully's childe Lilly cracks the data from the security hard drive and turns it over to her sire. Sully is furious about the contents and slams out of the warrens. In a conversation with Lenny, Lilly confesses she's not allowed out of the warrens unaccompanied by Sully. They spend some time with Lilly's hideous ghoul cat watching the Walking Dead. Then she shows the security footage from the hard drive to Lenny, who reacts in his adorable french accent.

Upon his return, Sully is furious that Lilly showed Lenny the footage. However, with Lenny in the know he says he wants him to do some work for him working on tracking down the woman in the footage.

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Night Three, Thursday:

Richard awakes to find that his haven was being watched and photographed during the day by the man from the security camera footage. After finishing a ritual, he is also texted by Suzette, who requests his and Danny's presence at the prince's business offices. He checks in on Jimmi, ordering expensive clothing for him and getting him his own phone.

Danny awakes to a series of panicked texts from his sire Charlie asking them to meet up at his coffee shop.

Lenny, meanwhile awakes in the Nosferatu warrens to a naked Sully telling him he is being sent out to investigate goings on with the caitiff Jimmi. Also Sully is giving Lenny his own place because he wants privacy. Then he steals some of Lenny's cigarettes. Lenny notices some pictures on Sully's wall before leaving.

The three arrive at the high rise where the prince's offices are at the same time. Lenny teases Dannyand Richard about "adopting" Jimmi and that they are a cute couple. Danny says that they can't be a couple as Richard is out of his league. Richard agrees

The three make their way outside the prince's offices, where they catch the tail end of an argument between the Ventrue Whip Beau and the prince, in front of the Ventrue primogen, Suzette. After the end of a good old fashioned Ventrue fight, Beau storms out. The prince excuses himself as upset over the fight and turns them over to Suzette.

Suzette expresses upset at the lack of discretion that the three of them were shown the security video, as the primogen had intended for it not to be seen outside of the inner court. However, because they were in the know, they were being tasked with helping to track down the two people in the video.

Upon questioning, she admits to knowing the woman in the video, who she describes as being a former resident of the city who had left. Suzette says this woman is named Violet and she was loyalto the previous prince. She gives a museum and a theater as two places Violet used to frequent, but says she had a ghoul look into these already. On further questioning, Suzette says that the previous prince Gregory was both "deposed of" and "disposed of" and that the new praxis was instituted under the auspices of an archon 20 years prior.

She also compliments Richard on taking on Jimmi as a temporary responsibility and says they will find a more permanent situation as soon as possible. She says that his sire, Leon, has spent decades being a problem for the city, and has frequently embraced caitiff, leaving them to make trouble in the city. However, the court has decided to make the best of this, and that Shaun is the best example of what can happen when these fledglings accept the Camarilla.

The trio leave to go to visit Charlie, Danny's sire. Richard refuses to let Lenny sit directly on his upholstery, and makes him sit on a tarp. They arrive at the cafe, and while waiting for Charlie's ghoul to fetch him, they investigate a nearby community bulletin board. On it, they find a missing persons flier for Jimmi, listing him as diabetic and vulnerable. They also find, buried at the bottom,a torn ancient flier for something called the BoTF, which mentions killing demons, and seems to include a terrible drawing of a Nosferatu.

Meeting with Charlie, Danny finds out his sire plans to "take a vacation" for a few weeks to lay low. He produces two lavender colored envelopes. The first he said he received a few weeks prior. It says the writer will be coming to town and is looking for kindred willing to fight the current court. Charlie says that Nora had received a similar letter prior to her death, but told him not to tell Ambrose. During the previous day, another lavender letter was hand delivered to his cafe by a man matching the description of the man from the security video. This has Charlie spooked, and he plans to leave for a house he purchased still in the prince's domain. Charlie and Danny have a heart to heart about Danny's creative abilities and say their goodbyes.

They leave to go look for Violet. Their first stop is the museum, where they find a letter on the same lavender stationary that mentions funding the upcoming expo of the F. Carol-Mitchell collection. There's some clusterfuck moments because I'm not giving enough direction.

Their next stop is Heinz Hall. After using presence on the security guard to turn off all the cameras,Danny then takes a nibble of him. Searching attached apartments, they find a slumbering ghoul in one of the rooms, who no one recognizes. For some reason they decide to just let him sleep. I guess he looked comfy or something. The other apartment is labeled to belong to Ambrose, the Toreador primogen. Above his fireplace is a massive portrait of Violet. They find no other evidence of her in his apartment.

Searching the remainder of the theater, they come across a note written on some of Violet's torn stationary. Following this clue, they find a tiny hidey hole just big enough to hide a sleeping vampire. Danny really wants to burn the building down, but Richard convinces him to preserve the historic register. Lenny also decides to steal a new coat that's not covered in shit.

As they leave the theater, they notice a guy getting into a car up ahead. It's the same man as from the security camera footage. They take off after him, having a car chase that leads to a foot chase. Bats are involved as is swimming, it's all very dramatic. Finally they tackle and subdue him. He confesses to being a ghoul belonging to Violet, but says he has no idea her nighttime location or where she has the orb. According to him, the discovery of Nora's death was a total surprise. He says he followed Danny to Richard's haven, and was tasked with delivering letters to the Toreador in town, including one to Danny's nightclub which he handed off to Tom.

The coterie decide to release the ghoul to deliver a message back to Violet. Danny says this message is "Get the fuck out of town". Richard instead says the Tremere would like to talk to her and he will guarantee a peaceful meeting between them. The ghoul runs back to his car with this conflicting information

Lenny, meanwhile, has found a bat he wants to keep as a ghoul pet, and he sticks it in his pocket. He then goes and feeds on a homeless person tucked under a nearby bridge. He also turns up the information that Ambrose's sire was Violet.

The coterie heads to Tom's house to pick up the letter. Tom tells Danny he is in a bit of trouble with a truancy officer, and hands off the letter to Danny. It has a similar message to the one delivered to Charlie, asking them to meet

Soon afterwards, Sully texts Lenny to meet up with him. The coterie reveals their findings to Sully,who isn't happy with much of what he reveals, or the sequence that it is revealed. He takes them back to the prince's office. There, Suzette summons her ghoul (the one they found sleeping in the apartment next to Ambrose's) and she berates him for not searching the Heinz Hall thoroughly. Shethen kills him, apologizing to both Sully and the prince. No one cares. Like, at all. The coterie is all unfeeling snakes.

The three members of the court present say that the full resources of the court are at the coterie's disposal to track down Violet, and that their rewards will be great if they succeed.

Sully takes Lenny to his new haven, a old abandoned bomb shelter under a strip of businesses. Sully says it was a place he had searched out to be an eventual haven for Lilly, before he decided to keep Lilly with him at all times.
Lenny settles into his new place. Danny goes to a smaller haven he keeps a bit across town. Richard heads back to his haven where he briefly talks to Jimmi.

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Night Four, Friday:

Everybody wakes up. Initially there doesn't seem too much to have happened for during the day. However, after a hour or so of nighttime, the coterie gets a text sent to them from Sully asking that they head to Harriet's restaurant, the Bittersweet.

Once there, Sully has a series of photos on a laptop that were taken from police evidence. Near the Tremere chantry, a body was found in a dumpster. It appears to be dry and mummified, but is dressed the same as the ghoul they chased down the day before. A security camera shot shows a cardropping the body off, and it is the same car as they chased the prior day. The coterie and court decide that this must be the effects of the orb on the ghoul's body.

Not long after, Sully gets a call that the same car was abandoned in a vacant parking lot. The coterie is asked to go investigate. Harriet hands something to Lenny, and he takes it without thinking. He feels an odd sensation, and Harriet starts apologizing profusely. Richard, recognizing it as a Vessel of Transference tries not to laugh. Lenny is confused and doesn't understand what justhappened. Harriet lets Lenny feed from her herd as an apology.

Danny and Richard decide to investigate the car by having Danny claim it is his. After bamboozling a cop, Danny gets the keys and finds some old receipts. Then he takes a nibble from the cop. Richard, meanwhile finds another lavender envelope with his name on it. Inside is a phone number. He hides this from Danny.

Lenny has gone off to meet up with Adelaide, but gets little information from her thanks to awful rolls. Danny and Richard arrive and ask her about Violet. She affirms the former price was an asshole who she hated, but gets little else from her because they were asking the right questions to the wrong person.

The coterie heads to Yinzers looking for more information. Again, they ask the right questions to the wrong NPC, Cappy this time, who reaffirms that the previous prince was an asshole. Leaving the bar, Dixon (a one armed Brujah) pulls Danny aside and asks what it was like to pick up and move away from everything. He says he is thinking of leaving Pittsburgh, despite being there his whole life, as the others call him a coward. Richard steps aside at this point to take a phone call in his car.

Dixon tells Danny and Lenny that in 1999 the previous prince sent his sheriff to kill off a large number of kindred in the city. In response, many kindred mounted a battle to fight him and his deputies. While most responded to the call, Dixon hid out with a blood doll until things settled, only reemerging when the new court was in place. He regrets this. Danny and Lenny assure him that he is better off staying where he has contacts and that he won't be considered a coward forever.

Meanwhile, Richard has called the number he found on the lavender card, and gets in touch with Violet. The two of them talk for a long period of time, Richard trying to convince Violet to peacefully hand over the orb, and offering her anything in reture. Violet expresses her displeasure at the current court but doesn't want to give up the orb. Ultimately however, an intense distrust of the Tremere means Violet refuses to concede at all to Richard.

There's a brief bit of clusterfuck. As the coterie goes to leave, Richard gets a call from his house ghoul. It seems that Jimmi has boosted Richard's minivan and headed out to parts unknown. Richard has GPS tracking on the vehicle and the coterie tracks it down to a suburban area. They come across Jimmi, clothing torn and covered in blood, trying to get back into the minivan.

Jimmi tells them he went and picked up Bobby, trying to impress him with his new designer clothes. Jimmi then decided he was going to go and visit his mother to show her he was doing well,so that she wouldn't worry. However, when they got to their old neighborhood, Bobby spotted two of their old high school bullies and decided to pick a fight. The two humans goaded Bobby, who frenzied and killed both in an alleyway behind a garage.

Richard secures Jimmi in his car and calls for help from the further Camarilla. Danny and Lenny decide to track Bobby down, using a combination of disciplines. They track him to a small house where he had burst in the back door. Inside are a ton of pictures of Jimmi lining the wall. In the bedroom, they find Jimmi's mother huddled on the floor while Bobby screams at his friends mother begging for clean clothes and for her to calm down. Danny's auspex shows Bobby is close to frenzy.

The two burst in the room to tackle Bobby, but Danny botches and falls on his face. Lenny manages to pin him, and in a struggle stabs his arm, pinning it to the floor. Danny gets up and grabs Jimmi's mother. At this point they are somewhat confused of how to get themselves out of this mess and ponder their predicament for a while.

Meanwhile, the sheriff Gino, the deputy Shaun and the Ventrue primogen Suzette have arrived to take over clean up. Gino takes custody of Jimmi, promising him everything will be okay, while Shaun and a ghoul go to clean the bloody mess. Richard decides to follow the other two of his coterie.

Meanwhile, Danny has decided that Jimmi's mom has seen too much and tears out her throat in an attempt to kill her. Richard walks in the room to see her bleeding out, Danny panicking, and Lennypinning a struggling caitiff. His only response is "oh what the fuck."

Richard decides Jimmi's mom doesn't deserve to die and gives her a blood point to heal her. Then he puts Bobby to sleep using dominate and stakes him for good measure. He then rounds things offby making sure that Jimmi's mom won't remember anything. Danny and he have a little tiff regarding the general moral repercussions of these actions. Then Danny and Lenny sit around and watch as Richard scrubs the floors and cleans up all trace of their presence, while Lenny makes smart ass remarks. Shaun comes by and picks up the unconscious Bobby.

Lenny heads back to his new haven then, and spends the rest of the night stealing a computer, getting some decorations, and building a habitat for his little ghoul bat. Lilly has messaged him complaining that he is allowed out, but she isn't.

Richard decides to report in to his Regent at the chantry. Tobin is with Harriet, and they appear to have been researching the orb. Tobin says that it may be similar to another artifact that was destroyed not long ago and stresses that it must end up in Tremere control. Richard asks Harriet herintentions with Lenny's blood, but she acts coquettish. Richard notices they both have started wearing blue silk cords.

Harriet then asks Richard to run a letter to Ezekiel, the Gangrel primogen, through an Amish proxy.He and Danny drop it off without incident.

Danny is feeling quite guilty at this point for the whole “purposefully trying to kill Jimmi's mom” thing and goes to a Catholic church to go to confession. The priest's words are designed for a mortal sin, and don't give him any comfort. He returns to his home and tries self-injury. But, whilethis helped when he was human, as a kindred it just loses him some blood.

Richard returns to his haven and has Jimmi's possessions forwarded to him.

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Night Five, Saturday:

Richard wakes up to find that his contacts have spotted Violet. She was at a mental hospital the previous night, where she left with a patient named Mary Fisher by convincing them she was a family member through presence.

Danny has a terrible nightmare, then wakes up and heads to the Institute. Thanks to his self destructive behavior, blush of health didn't occur with him waking up, so he looks well and truly dead for the first time. Upon entering, he overhears a woman at the bar talking about vampires. Heflirts her down into the basement and questions her. It seems she is the nurse at a mental hospital and that one of their patients, Mary Fisher, talks constantly about vampires. This patient was taken from the hospital under strange circumstances, and they spent the day trying to find her before it reflected badly on the hospital. She asks if drinks can be on the house. Danny agrees. Then he drinks her stupid. He then steals her ID swipe card and calls Lenny.

Meanwhile Tom has come to discuss the upcoming concert. He reviews a set list with Danny, and expresses his love of doing charity work. He says this stems from his childhood, when his mother organized an annual memorial fun run for a girl she grew up next to, in order to raise money for people suffering from the same disease she died of. When Tom grows up he wants to run a musicalcharity, which he says is entirely inspired by how “nice” Danny is. Danny basks in this wholesomeness, then drains a few of his blood points. None of us get why Danny is as high a humanity as he is.

Danny and Lenny alter the ID card to look like Danny and head to the mental hospital. They bump into Richard to their surprise and put together they are there for the same reason. Danny and Lenny decide to do a sneaky approach, while Richard goes all full frontal brazen and walks in through the front door. Danny disguises himself in scrubs, finds the security section and turns off the cameras, letting Lenny into the building. They watch the security footage for the night before, where Violet comes in and uses Majesty on the staff, then just walks out with a heavily drugged Mary Fisher in two.

Richard talks his way up to Mary's room, where he meets Dr. Stacy Lamont. He claims to be retained by Mary's family to attempt to find her. Dr. Lamont discusses Mary's delusions of vampires, and says she has constantly changing memories of how her neighbor died. Mary claims these memories were altered by vampires and claims the entire city is full of vampires.

Mary used to be rather well off and lived in a luxury apartment. One night her neighbor, William, was killed in a conflict with a woman, which Mary witnessed. The fight had supernatural elements and the neighbor died in a burst of dust. The woman noticed Mary and altered her memories so that sheremembered a different person, a man, as being the murderer. This was the story that Mary was commanded to tell someone else when questioned. Her memories were then wiped a third time to forget the murder entirely. Then someone burned down the apartment building.

These memories have apparently peeled back over time as the effects of dominate wore off, but totally cracked her brain into mental illness. Richard steals Mary's reading glasses. Lenny steals some prescription painkillers. They leave. Richard contacts Harriet asking for help with doing a ritual to track down Mary. She agrees and asks him to return a favor and give Ambrose a ride back to his apartment to pick up a few things.

They get to Harriet's haven and Danny is instantly transfixed by her collection of artwork, drooling in the corner for the remainder of the scene. Ambrose comes out in a significantly different mood and affect than their last meeting, cheerful even. He empathizes with Danny, saying he was transfixed by the same vase.

Harriet teaches Richard how to track Mary, but doesn't ask questions about who he is tracking or why. She insists they all come to her party the next day. She also says that she spoke to Jimmi and that he is a fine boy, and assures him that Bobby has not met his final death. Lenny mostly sulks as he has conflicting feelings towards Harriet thanks to the first step blood bond.

They drive Ambrose to his apartment. Upon entering, he reacts in fury to the portrait of Violet, destroying it and stating how much he hates her. When told she is back in town and in fact was staying in the adjoining building for a while, he reacts in shock. No one had told him yet.

Danny convinces him to try playing the piano by shouting Milton quotes. Ambrose plays an astoundingly good, but brief performance which seems to cheer him up. Then he quickly packs andstates his intentions to never return to the apartment. They drop off Ambrose at Harriet's, where he intends to live, but he finds that he now cannot play with the passion he showed only an hour before.

Sully texts Lenny and says he will be by to pick him up, as they have some things to talk about. When the car arrives, the sheriff Gino is in the front seat, and Sully is using Mask of a Thousand Faces in the back. Sully reveals that he wanted to research the new guy in town and to find out whohis sire was and why he was abandoned. He convinced Harriet to perform a ritual to look into Lenny. He doesn't understand the vessel of transference she used on him, but accepting the one stepblood bond as acceptable damages. Harriet turned up information on Lenny's sire, and to Sully's surprise, it was a Nosferatu he knew and shared an antagonistic past history.

Further inquiries showed this Nosferatu to have disappeared around the time that Lenny was embraced, and that he is still missing. Sully asks if Lenny killed him in frenzy, Lenny doesn't disagree, but doesn't outright say yes. To Sully this is apparently fine as he had an enemy removed,but got a local ally in the process. He says he will keep this between them with the understanding that Lenny is on the hook, and not to worry about the fact that Gino overheard the whole exchange. He then says Lenny has a few options as to how to deal with his one step blood bond, recommending he either give in and just fully bond himself to Harriet or find someone else to bond him. Sully highly recommends himself for this, reminding Lenny how downright nice he has been over the past few nights. Then he kicks Lenny out of the car.

Danny, now feeling extreme guilt and ennui, makes an incredibly stupid decision and asks to go downtown. It's weird clusterfuckery. Finding a group of teenagers graffiting a building, he picks a fight, continues to goad them on and get the shit beat out of him. It's really weird and baffling and Danny gets hit in the nuts a lot while we all made confused noises. To stop it, Lenny then punches one of the teens, landing a ridiculously strong punch in the back that snaps his spine. For some inexplicable reason Danny then uses presence to terrify the now paralyzed teen. Before fleeing the scene of the screaming man, Richard dominates him to sleep. Then they notice the security cameras.Lenny asks Danny why the hell he did that, and Danny says he thought he could maybe feel pain if someone else hurt him. Lenny says he will gladly beat the shit out of Danny anytime

While driving, Danny starts to get texts from Dixon, the one armed Brujah he gave a pep talk to the previous night. He says he is going to prove that he isn't a coward. He then mass texts everyone saying he is going to corner Leon (sire of Shaun, Bobby, and Jimmi) where the autumn of ashes fight went down. Getting in touch with Gino, they are told to head to the Strip District. When they get closer, they follow a massive group of police cars headed to one old warehouse in the older part of town.

The warehouse has a strong, terrifying, and supernatural aura surrounding it, and the cops seem too scared to enter, instead yelling from the sidewalk. Meeting Gino, the coterie heads inside. On the interior, it's set up as a surprisingly nice, rather zen living space that has obviously been abandoned for years and years. Danny notices old shell casings in the undisturbed dust. Richard and Lenny take off through a side door. On the stairs to the basement, they see Dixon, riddled with bullets and nearing torpor. They step over him, ending up in a cinderblock basement room. There are shackleson the walls and something left deep gouges into the concrete and mysterious stains. They run past this and out a side door, following Leon's path. Lenny manages to tackle him, and Richard drains him to torpor, then stakes him.

Meanwhile, Danny decides to give Dixon some of his blood to heal. Unfortunately, no one has toldDanny about blood bonds, so he has no idea the consequences. Gino looks confused and a bit perturbed by this but doesn't stop him.

Richard agrees to take the unconscious Leon back to the prince. Danny agrees to take Dixon back to Yinzers to heal up. Lenny asks to be taken back to his haven. Gino, the sheriff, states his intentions of burning down the warehouse, and that he doesn't particularly care if Darla, the Malkavian primogen, is upset by it. Lenny asks why Gino burns down buildings. Gino says he likes fire and its effective. The coterie sort of nods along with this.

Back at Yinzers, Dixon is fed blood bags by the ghoul bartender, Sammy. They have a brief conversation where Danny tells Dixon to not play hero stupidly. Dixon refers to a wall mounted plaque of deceased kindred, most of whom were killed in 1999. During this, Dixon is acting as though he has a bit of a crush on Danny, and asks if he can come visit his club

Meanwhile, Richard arrives in the loading dock and presents the prince and his shocked ghoul with the body of Leon. The prince seems distressed and unsure what to do about this, saying that Leon has long been a problem in the city, but he has never called for the destruction of a kindred in his domain. He changes his mind several times, asks Richard for advice, then says they will wait for the primogen. Two arrive, Suzette and Sully, and they agree to Leon's destruction. Richard agrees to destroy Leon personally, and rips his head off with his bare hands. It's actually pretty damn cool.

The court present offer Richard a boon. He takes them like a greedy Gus, expanding his domain, and beefing up his esteem in the court. However, he does acknowledge the roles of the other kindred in Leon's takedown, and is told they will be similarly rewarded. Afterwards, he immediately calls his Regent Tobin, expecting him to be overjoyed with the expansion of Tremere domain in the city. Instead, Tobin is stand offish and curt about it. Richard and Danny returns to their respective havens.

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Day Five, Sunday

At some point after leaving Danny, Tom finds out that two of his bandmates had a massive fight over a girl. As a result, they are left scrambling for a replacement. Tom finds online a demo tape ofa guy named Tycho (total human type new player character), and begs him to come be their temporary front man for the benefit concert.

Tycho arrives in town at the drummer's house, a run down mobile home, and meets the band members. They are a bit confused about his being reimbursed, as the deal was made by a 16 year old and everyone else in the band an idiot. The band rehearses and Tom and Tycho are the only decent members. Pizza is eaten, crappy beer is drunk.

Tom says that Tycho's participation depends on him impressing Danny in a single set that night. Tycho is surprised as he thought his situation was secured. Desperately, Tom says that Danny will both pay Tycho's fees as well as allowing him unlimited drinks for free. The other band members insinuate that Danny is fucking Tom. Tycho settles into an empty room in the drummer's house and drinks himself silly.

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Night Six, Sunday:

Danny wakes up, starving in the Institute. He is asked by his barkeep about the “new employee”. After a confused moment, Danny realizes that Dixon has decided to not only visit the bar, but declare himself employed. As this technically makes him a diversity hire, Danny goes with this, and in a moment of panic says that Dixon will be the new PR guy.

As it's been 24 hours since the initial ritual, Richard now can follow Mary Fisher's trail from the hospital. He tracks her down to a storage trailer where she is flipping through a handful of old photographs. Richard recognizes Suzette and Violet in them. Mary affirms she was kidnapped by Violet, and points out her murdered neighbor, the man she was hypnotized to believe killed the neighbor, and the actual murderer... who was Suzette. Richard hides out to see if Violet returns.

Tycho arrives at the Institute with Tom to meet Danny. Tycho and Danny meet and talk for a bit. Then the band takes the stage for their audition. They play well enough to impress Danny to the point of envy. Tycho demands his payment, and says Tom says he would let him drink for free. Danny's rather upset at Tom about this, and tries to talk around it, but Tycho wants nothing to do with this. Danny attempts to use awe on Tycho, but fails. In shock, he just pays Tycho, who goes off to see how much value he can get off of the free drinks. While drinking at the bar, Dixon approaches Tycho and has a brief conversation. Tycho asks if there's any work in town, and Dixon exchanges numbers with him. He says that he knows there's always “day time work” that a trustworthy person can do.

Meanwhile, Richard is still hiding near Mary Fisher, when he hears what sounds like police approaching. Stealing Mary's photographs, he watches as the police search the storage containers, apparently tipped off by someone to Mary's presence. They find her and lead her off to the police cars to take her back to the hospital, as she mutters on about vampires.

Lenny has been researching the BoTF from the flier he found several nights prior. He turns up an old website from seven years ago, and eventually an email address to a student from Carnegie Mellon University.

Then everyone gets ready, as Harriet's party is about to start. The collected kindred arrive at her haven, Lenny and Danny somewhat reluctantly. It's an absolutely terrible party, more like Thanksgiving dinner at your great aunt's house than a real shindig.

Richard overhears some Tremere slurs being said and eavesdrops outside a doorway. Inside the Ventrue whip Beau has cornered Ambrose and is complaining about the city, blaming everything hedislikes on the Tremere. Richard comes in the room and confronts Beau, scolding him for being rude enough to speak out against his host, generally being an asshole, and being out of favor with his clan. Beau storms out of the party.

Tobin was eavesdropping to this conversation. Richard asks him why he was so downbeat about him gaining more domain. Tobin demurs. Richard asks for more communication from his Regent. Harriet approaches and chats with them for a second, then asks Richard who he cast the tracking ritual on. When she hears it was Mary Fisher, she reacts with both recognition and shock and excuses herself and heads into another room.

Lenny insults Lilly, who flounces off. Then he skulks in the corner. It's an awful day for manners in the kindred neighborhood all in all. Danny speaks to Ambrose about their respective muses or lack thereof. Danny mentions Tom to Ambrose and he asks if he plans to embrace him. Danny is disturbed and confused.

Richard briefly speaks to Jimmi, who he is disappointed to see isn't wearing the designer clothes he bought. Jimmi is very excited to be trained up by Gino, excitedly talks him up, and Richard excuses himself from the conversation.

The prince makes a brief speech saying that he is disappointed in the kindred of the city. That after years of peace he his embarrassed that minor events have caused panic and upset. He reveals that Leon was destroyed, which causes a surprised reaction among some kindred. He then says that Violet has returned to town. This causes a huge surprised reaction among the assembled kindred—this was apparently not a known fact, even to Cappy. The prince reasserts that the city needs unity and strength.

The prince then approaches both Danny and Lenny in turn and tells them they have earned a boon for their actions in the takedown of Leon. Both say they will think about it. Danny suggests heroin to liven up the party. The prince is horrified.

At this point, Harriet reacts in joy to the arrival of her childe, Peyton (a new player character). Peyton was embraced several years prior, but after her presentation, the Tremere allowed her to finish her actual secondary education degree in architecture, which she pursued while staying at another chantry. She is a WASP-y young woman. Peyton is introduced to the PCs and a few NPCs, with varying response. Harriet then pulls Richard and Peyton aside and asks if they think they can get a lock of Beau's hair. They jump for the task.

Lenny seeks out Lilly and apologizes for his previous behavior, and they have a brief conversation about how Sully keeps Lilly essentially locked up, and rumors Lenny heard about another Nosferatuin town.

Gino and Ambrose come to Lenny and Danny and ask a favor. Darla, the Malkavian primogen, is abit upset about Gino burning down the warehouse, as it was important to her. Ambrose has been trying to calm her down to no avail. As Danny and Lenny were at the warehouse, the hope is that they can give her some context. They accept, mostly to get out of the boring party.

Peyton and Richard head to Beau's office. On the way, Peyton engages in some mean girls-style gossip wanting to know the relationship between the Tremere and other players in town. They arrive at the office, and claim, rather hat in hand, that Peyton is there to make amends for Richard scolding Beau at the party. Peyton flirts her way into getting him to discuss why he is upset with the Tremere. He says he feels he can never get the prince alone. He thinks the Tremere have too much effect over the Ventrue prince. In court, he says he finds himself frequently mentally upended and he blames the Tremere for this effect.

In order to apologize, they offer a talisman. Namely, a baseball style hat he could wear in his sportsrelated business. He accepts, but also asks them to settle an issue he has with a Malkavian antribu who occasionally feeds off of his athletes in training. Peyton measures him for a hat, and takes a lock of his hair. Richard manages to get Beau to grasp a vessel of transference. They start to head back to Harriet's haven.

Danny and Lenny track down the haven of Darla, the Malkavian primogen. It's a sprawling McMansion style house north of town. The door is answered by a crazy ghoul who seems to think that Darla is his wife. The entire building is empty of furniture, but the ghoul acts as though it is setup and attempts to make food in an empty kitchen. Darla arrives, and is polite and well spoken. She leads them into the furnished basement.

Darla tells them she is upset that Gino destroyed what she describes as the haven of Frederick, her sire. She points out that there would be major repercussions if any other kindred's haven was destroyed, and she doesn't see why this is any different. The fact that she admits Frederick met his final death twenty years prior doesn't figure into her equation. She talks to him as though he is still living, and in fact states that he is the current Malkavian primogen, and that she merely communicates his wishes.

For some reason, Danny decides to start yelling at her that she is crazy and needs to calm down. She angrily points out that she has a PhD and that she doesn't appreciate being treated this way. Danny continues to flip out at her for being crazy, and she orders him out of the house. Danny leaves. Lenny has more luck talking to Darla and gets her to agree to at least talk to Gino, but she is still shaken when he leaves. Lenny and Danny have a disagreement about how Danny handled the situation. Then Lenny tries and fails to eat the neighbor's dog.

Meanwhile, Peyton and Richard head back to Harriet's haven. The conversation in the car between the Tremere is great. (“So who have you completely fucked over in this city?” “Oh, me personally, or who the clan has completely fucked over?”.... “How has the sect as a whole not given up already?” “Letting them think they run things is part of the trick.”) They give her the lock of hair and tell her about the interaction. Peyton is horrified by how incompetent Beau was and how unfamiliar with kindred politics. She asks questions about his background, and is told that he came to Pittsburgh in shame. In his previous city he had pulled a scam using a ghoul with presence as a for-profit televangelist. When an expose was shown on tv, his face was broadcast and he fled. All Harriet knows about his previous life is that there are rumors he used to be a counterfeiter during the Civil War.

Harriet takes the two younger Tremere into her ritual room and teaches them the ritual of binding the accursed tongue. She then places the bound photo in a wooden box and places it on the shelf with four other matches boxes.

rriving back in his haven, Lenny does some research on Frederick, the character Darla mentioned. He finds he was a real kindred, who was in fact the previous Malkavian primogen until his death in 1999. He was well respected for a Malkavian, his derangement being bouts of catatonia. When notcatatonic, he was seen as well spoken, scholarly, and intelligent. His passing was highly mourned. He also finds that Darla's embrace has two different dates listed, 1995 and 1999.

Danny hears from his sire Charlie. With the prince's push for unity in the kindred, apparently he demanded that Charlie no longer “vacation” away from the goings on. Charlie will be returning to the city as soon as possible. This is followed up with a furious text from Sully, who says Danny will be hearing from him.

Danny decides to go to Yinzers to talk to more experienced kindred and ask advice on how to navigate kindred society. He talks to Cappy, saying he feels used by the elder kindred in town. Cappy treats him like a toddler. Cappy says that doing favors and working together is what the Camarilla is about. He scolds Danny that he has no idea how bad manipulation can be, and says that with the old prince Gregory, things were bad. Cappy hints that he was under the strong effect of domination from Gregory for over a century.

At this point Gino sees Danny and furiously confronts him over the way he treated Darla. Behind him Jimmi is gunning for a fight. Gino demands Danny leaves and says if there was no non aggression agreement he would beat him up. Danny leaves and goes to sulk back to his haven.

Peyton and Richard decide to return to Richard's manor. Peyton is impressed. While her belongings are taken on to the chantry, she settles in for the night here. Peyton and Richard discuss their respective rituals and backgrounds.

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Day Six, Monday:

Actual human being Tycho awakens in the drummer's house and sees he has a text from an unknown number asking him if he wants to earn $500 for an hour's work. He get an address and takes an uber to Yinzer's.

Sam, the barkeep, lets him in the back and tells him he needs an unknown face to move some boxes.He claims these are paperwork from a friend's construction business that were improperly filed. He takes Tycho to rent a moving van, and drives him to a storage unit facility, taking care to hide his face. They park around back, and he gives Tycho the key to the lock and the locker number.

Tycho finds about 25 boxes stuffed with paperwork inside. He can tell they are financial documents, but can't make heads or tails of the paperwork, but does note the business names on the documents. Going down the hallway, he notes two other storage units with the same distinctive lockon them. When he finishes loading the papers into the van, Sam takes off back to Yinzers, and startsburning the boxes of paper in a good old fashioned empty lot dumpster fire. He pays Tycho cash from what looks like a woman's leather file folder. Tycho leaves, realizing he accidentally stole Sam's scarf.

Tycho goes off to eat pizza and question what just happened, when he gets another text asking if he'd like to make another $500. He asks for follow up and is told he will be transporting someone from the hospital, with Sam calling her his “cousin”.

Tycho does a little research online and finds that Yinzers is listed as owned by Sam, and he seems to have inherited it from his father of the same name. It's been in Pittsburgh since the late 80s, but the online presence isn't massive, but generally considers the place a local staple that's known for shitty beer but not much else.

He agrees to the second job, and is told to meet someone at a mid range office downtown. Talking his way up to the office, he meets a rather stressed looking woman in a cheap suit named Angel who tries to find him a change of clothes. She takes him through an office owned by Unity Trust Foundation, past a cubicle mill of stressed looking employees. While there he notices some paperwork listing other businesses, including Allegheny Foundation, Axaty, Domestiq, and Key Objective. He remembers some of these names from the paperwork he helped to move earlier and takes a surreptitious photo.

Angel drives him to Mercy hospital and asks him to go inside and ask for her “cousin” Mary Fisher,saying that they will be expecting him and have him listed as family. When Tycho is understandably disturbed by this, he demands an extra $250. She hands him $300 from a rather expensive purse.

Tycho enters the hospital, and the orderly is antagonistic towards him, saying that the facility worksas best as it can on limited budget and that it's a jerk move for his family to threaten to pull funding from the hospital. Tycho stays silent. “Aunt Mary” is brought out, looking drugged and zoned out. She willingly goes with Tycho and gets in the car.

On the car ride, Mary asks which vampires Tycho and Angel work for. Tycho stays completely silent. Angel pulls up in front of an expensive townhome and leads Angel to the front door. She leaves Mary's luggage in the car. She then offers Tycho a ride home, and navigates to the house where he is staying without asking for the address.

As soon as Tycho has his payment in hand, he runs into the house and texts Sam, saying he never wants to work for them again. He gets his drink on, disturbed and confused by the day's events.

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Night Seven, Monday:

Danny wakes up in the Institute. The music he worked on the night before wasn't up to snuff. He has text messages from Tom, saying that he can pay Danny back for Tycho's fees, but may need help with an issue. He also has daytime messages from Charlie's ghoul saying Charlie will be returning from out of town as soon as the sun goes down, and would like to meet up at the cafe.

Peyton wakes up in Richard's manor. She pokes around a bit, finding some remnant of Jimmi recently being there, and performs a ritual. She gets a message from Harriet, concerned about Danny's actions with the Malkavians. Richard sleeps in like a lazy bum.

Tycho, meanwhile, is unnerved by the events of his prior day, and decides to do some research. He ends up on the University of Pittsburgh campus, researching at the library. He briefly browses the businesses he saw the previous day before deciding they wouldn't leave personal info easily available. Instead, he first looks more into Yinzers. That failed, he decides to head to a local esoteric shop to research some personal occult info.

Danny heads to the cafe. Inside, he specifically notices two people, but thanks to botched rolls doesn't note too much about them. One pulls him aside as soon as he finishes asking for Charlie, and it's Sully using Mask of a Thousand Faces. Sully lays into him for his behavior with the Malkavians and says that the kindred need to work together, especially now. He recommends that Danny follow his sire's lead, as Charlie has a number of boons outstanding due to working with the court. Then he asks him why he was on camera getting kicked in the nuts a few times. As this conversation ends, the other guy Danny had noticed leaves. As Charlie is not there yet, Danny seduces a NuGoth chick, then tells her to get her shit together.

Richard finally wakes up and finds that he has missed calls from Mercy hospital, as the doctor thereis upset with him. He also has a lead on a photo of Violet with an unknown man at a computer store taken soon after nightfall. Clusterfuck happens, then they decide to head to the computer store.

Tycho meanwhile ends up at an occult shop, unaware its one of the businesses owned by Richard. He asks the clerk for something old and obscure. The clerk says that he has an ancient book that was recently found in an estate sale, but its not for sale as he needs to turn it over to the shop's owner. Tycho flips through it, unable to read the language, but studying some of the pictures and symbols. One symbol he vaguely recognizes as being on the outside of the building where they dropped off Mary Fisher the night before. He tries to buy the book, but the clerk tries to totally takehim for a ride and instead he just takes a picture of the symbol in question.

Danny somehow manages to convince the slightly stoned clerk that he is Violet's father and asks forinformation. He gets an envelope that's from police evidence, dated 1999, and a receipt with a real email address, but fake address. The guy was buying connections to try to hook up a S-VHS player.

Richard calls Mercy hospital, and the doctor is irate that Mary's family withdrew her from the hospital and threatened to cut funding because of her kidnapping. She asks for help, Richard gives none. It's a conversation that happens for Tycho's sake, but everyone else is confused.

Tey track down the guy who was with Violet, who is listed as being faculty at a community college and working for a TV station. Clusterfuck happens again. They findhis home address, and the three head there. His rather upset wife answers the door, and they convince her they are coworkers of her husband in a weird sort of way that shouldn't have worked except plot. There's a slight amount of clusterfuck. Peyton empathizes with the woman for a bit, and she reveals that he ran off with some woman a few days prior, barely taking anything. Peyton says he might be in the occult and the rather religious woman is horrified, saying she will divorce him if that is the case. Richard steals the man's scarf. Peyton gives the wife Danny's phone number, saying to call it if there are issues.

Meanwhile, Tycho is researching the symbol from the book. He comes across it crazy, tin foil hat style conspiracy theory websites, with the symbol being on buildings in numerous countries throughout the world. However, due to the nature of the sources, he doesn't know what to make of this. Narrowing his search to the symbol in Pittsburgh, he finds himself on folklore pages that talk about the construction of the Cathedral of Learning. Numerous sigils and symbols were said to be on the bricks used to make the building, and he finds other, real, weird, info on the building. He debates going with a sledgehammer and chiselling out the old bricks to see for himself, and gets so far as to walk to the building.

At this point, Danny heads to visit Tom. Tom is awake, seemingly wired, and hands Danny an envelope full of $20 bills. He says that he figured out how to balance his musical life and school. Danny is suspicious. He bites Danny and spits the blood into an empty water bottle he had laying around for some reason. Then he contacts Richard and asks if he knows anyone who can analyze the blood. We decide Richard does for some reason.

Peyton is caught up on the Violet plotline so far. Richard meanwhile has started performing a ritualto track down the guy with Violet. They find him in the tv studio, Violet nowhere to be found. He is bleary eyed and passive between dominate and 6 dot presence, convinced he and Violet are loverswho will be running off together and getting married as soon as he analyzes some video. The video is dated 1999, and is security footage of a high end apartment lobby. A large, unknown man is seenentering the building, and then entering an apartment door. However, there's evidence this was spliced in from some other footage. Instead, there's a few frames of the actual person who entered the building, reflected in the glass. The coterie recognize this as Sully.

They figure out the apartment building the footage was taken in, but decide not to follow up on it. Richard drops off the spittle bottle of blood to a contact who is studying forensices at Carnegie Mellon. Danny wishes to go visit Charlie. Peyton texts with Harriet and decides to meet her at the cafe as well. At the cafe, Danny and Charlie have anice heart to heart about being scared, and Charlie tells him to chin up, and that the city will get through this.

Harriet and Peyton have a productive conversation in the women's bathroom with Richard eavesdropping. Peyton asks about Ambrose being so suddenly antagonistic to his sire, and asks if there's anything she needs to know to prevent damage to the Tremere. Harriet says she may have “greased the wheels” in keeping Ambrose from his sire, but says it was warranted. She says she is shocked that Violet still has loyalty to Gregory, as they were blood bound and that bond should have broken after Gregory's death. Peyton reveals the contents of the tape. Peyton says she is shocked that Violet destroyed a guy's life rather than just pay someone to analyze the video. Harrietsays this was par for the course for Violet. She reiterates that Violet is antagonistic to the Tremere, rather inhumane, and worries about the repercussions of all this. Harriet then stresses that she doesn't want Peyton to be harmed by anything in the past by any mistakes that Harriet made. Certain things seem difficult for Harriet to speak of.

Harriet, Charlie, and the coterie all sit down, those who can eat food do, the rest just hold cups, and hang out. Harriet is contact by Sully and excuses herself. Shaun contacts them, and asks to come by to talk to the Tremere. He asks that, as Richard killed his sire, if this gives the witches more insight into Leon's bloodline. Peyton basically responds by scaring the crap out of Shaun. Shaun then hesitantly reveals that Leon sired a lot of childer, always in pairs. He says that he took care of quite a few of his co-childer, and that someone isn't happy with him for it, and suggests someone won't be happy about Richard destroying Leon. Then he runs away. Peyton goes back to Harriet's house and curls up with a book. Richard goes back to his house and studies a ritual. Danny heads to the Institute and writes an okay song.

enny digs into the email address he got that's associated with the BoTF, and finds the owner Jameson is a mechanical engineer member, NRA member, and ghost hunter. He contacts Jameson under the pretense of having a ghost in his dorm. Jameson calls him, and the conversation turns to Jameson's experience with “demons”. He says his father, grandfather, and their friends had an “angel” appear to them in 1985. The angel said his name was Gregory, and he gave the location of a demon slumbering in Pittsburgh. They found her during the day, dumped gasoline on her and lit her on fire. The angel appeared again in 1989 and said another demon was living under a bar. They tried to similarly kill him, but one of their company was spotted and brought up in arson charges. He was mysteriously killed in prison. Finally, the angel in 1999 said three demons were in a house. The hunters tried to burn the whole house down, but one of the demons attacked and killed a hunter. One of the hunters caught this on tape. Afterwards, all but one hunter was killed in strange circumstances, including Jameson’s father. Jameson's grandfather, Bup, has told the sons of the hunters all about these demons and shown them the tapes. A few of these sons had odd experiences in the military as well. The actual term “Brotherhood of the Forge” was invented by Jameson in his teens. He was teased mercilessly and dropped the idea. This explained why the other kindred in town didn't know the term BoTF. Which in retrospect was silly of me.

Meanwhile, Tycho has decided he wants to go talk to the police, but doesn't want to be observed. He goes to a bar just off campus and picks a fight with a group of drunk students, and is arrested and booked on drunk and disorderly as well as misdemeanor assault charges.

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Day Seven, Tuesday:

Tycho wakes up in police custody. After getting a court date, he asks to talk to someone about his suspicions. He is taken to the office of one Detective Davis, who isn't terribly interested in his information, but listens anyway.

While there, Tycho sees reports about a recent fire being investigated as arson, a mummy in a dumpster, and an internal upset over an evidence locker being broken into. He gives Detective Davis a run down on on Mary's abduction, Angel's license plate, where Mary was dropped off, and the name of Unity Trust Foundation. Davis seems almost amused by it, obviously thinking Tycho's a little nuts, but he promises to look into it. Tycho finds out that the band failed to get security and that he was robbed in custody. He is given aride with a cop over to the Institute just before the concert starts.

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Night Eight, Tuesday:

Danny wakes up in the Institute. Things are a bustle of activity prepping for the concert. He calls Tom to ask why the fuck he is late. Tom says they had to fetch Tycho things, but they are on their way. Dan then calls in his boon from the Prince asking for the concert to be advertised on the radio, which was totally unnecessary as Dixon had done fantastic rolls to get people in, but whatever.

Richard wakes up and his ghoul hands him over an ancient book that turned up at the occult store Richard owns. The store clerk said a customer was too intrigued by it. He does rituals before heading to the concert. He gets an email version of Toms blood test from a student who seems to expect pay.

Peyton wakes up and has a brief conversation with Ambrose. Then, she gets a phone call from Sully. Sully asks how adept she is with rituals, and if she ever failed one. He implies he has seen the effects of failed rituals and helped clean up the mess. He said she will be hearing from him soon. Peyton takes Ambrose to the concert.

Lenny makes his way to the Institute as well.

At the Institut, Charlie and Dixon are already there. Charlie is people watching. Dixon has thrown in working and has packed the place with a weird mix of patrons. Tycho shows up last minute. Richard, Peyton and Ambrose roll up to the club like whatup I'm in the blood and and go in all VIP. Richard turns theresults of the blood test over to Dan, who seems confused.

Walking back, an employee pulls Richard aside and says something was delivered for Danny. He hands overa lavender color envelope. Richard says “iiiiiinteresting” and pockets it for later. Danny does okay at his concert. Lenny is the only PC who cheers. Tom does passably, but Tycho does better.

Afterwards, Dixon talks with Dan briefly about having his first boon with the Prince. The coterie, with Ambrose, goes to the basement to read Violets letter. She references his argument with Sulky and asks for Danny’s assistance. Danny is convinced to call, but Ambrose refuses to stay for it. The coterie eavesdrops on the conversation.

Violet says that she is sure Danny is sick of being pushed around. She says things used to be better for the Toreador. By exposing the Court as weak, she thinks she can cause divisions in the city and bring in other interested parties. She points out how young the Primogen are, and how useless the prince is. She plans to embarrass the court now, and asks Danny to get close to the court and help sow discord. She says she wants to remove Tremere and eliminate the Nosferatu. She gives Danny the choice of joining the “winning team” by being her ears inside the court. She says she contacted Beau before, but is aware that the Tremere fucked with him somehow. It's apparently hypothetical.

The coterie discuss the call. Peyton calls Harriet to warn her. Harriet doesn't react well. She says “what?!?”a lot. Danny calls Sully, who isn't as pissed about the whole ethnic cleansing of the Nosferatu as they thought he would be. Sully says he got Lenny's back, for the Tremere to watch out, and that he wanted to kill Violet before. Dan calls Richard ‘Doctor Octopus’, which is great.

A few minutes later, they get an urgent summons to the princes office. They brush past the band on the way out. Richard calls Tobin on the way, who says he is boosting security on the Chantry. He tells Tobin about the book from earlier that evening.

At the Princes offices, Peyton is very impressed by the architecture. Sully and Suzette are with the prince, along with a ghoul. The prince seems distraught, suzette upset and Sully is texting furiously. They ask to befilled in on the phone call. Danny lashes out at the prince for being useless in this situation. Sully and Suzette both sort of tell him to step down. The prince, despondent, declares a blood hunt on Violet. Then Danny gets himself thrown out of the Princes office, (excuse me “compelled to leave by edict of the prince”). Afterwards, the rest of the coterie muses with the two Primogen that they aren't sure if Danny's subterfuge was directed towards them or Violet. Then the remainder of the coterie leaves.

Outside the PPG building, Ambrose asks to be taken back to Harriet's house, and Peyton leaves with him. Lenny confronts Danny, upset at the way he acted towards the Prince and suspicious about his true loyalties after his conversation with Violet. Danny demurs.

Gino's texts them, rather excited about the blood hunt, and asks them to pop by Yinzers. Lenny and Richard head in, but Danny stays in the car as Gino had banned him. Gino, Shaun , and the ghoul barkeep Sam are pulling out a stockpile of weapons, and offer a freebie to the two. Richard takes a shotgun. Lenny takes a Colt 45 despite not knowing how to use it.

Gino has been trying to piece together Violets whereabouts, but has reached as much of a dead end as the coterie. He says they might have more luck if they look into Violets old business paperwork for clues, whichis held at a storage unit he owns. He says after her exile, all of Violets old business dealings were overtaken by Suzette. When he says this, Lenny and Richard notice that Sam looks startled and disturbed.

Lenny asks a bunch of questions to Gino. First, about Beatrice. Gino says she was an amazing woman, killed in 1985, and that she was good friends with Adelaide, who hasn't been the same mentally since. He says she was killed by some mortals playing hunters, and that she was Sully's sire. Second, about Seltzer, who Gino dislikes and implies isn't all there, and who he says Lenny probably won't meet. Finally, Lenny asks about a slip Gino made referring to his “brother” which seems to upset Gino.

They fill in Danny, who is grumpy, and head to the storage facility. There, they find the storage locker and open it to find it empty, seemingly recently so. They call Gino, who is startled and upset, them asks them to pull security tapes. They head to the office to talk to night security, who gets a call from Gino. They help him review the tapes, and find a rented van come pulling up Monday around noon, the driver obscured undera hat and scarf. The passenger gets out and empties out the storage unit, making notes of a few other lockers.Although he has a scarf around his face, Richard recognizes him based on clothes and build as being Tycho, who he had seen on stage earlier that night.

This makes Richard suspicious of Danny. He calls Gino who is more suspicious of Danny and says he has only liked two Toreador ever, Shiela (ask Sully about her) and Charlie. Lenny says he suspects Sam, but Gino says he has known Sam since “the day I was embraced” and he can't suspect anything bad about him.

They decide to research Tycho further, but Lenny botches his computer roll and instead accidentally pulls upgraphic Nosferatu porn, mildly horrifying Dan and Richard. Richard instead tries, and finds Tycho’s basic biographical background, last known address, that he was the one who was hyper interested in the book at his store, and that he was listed as picking up Mary Fisher from the hospital. He also sees someone else researched Tycho recently. Tracing this, he pulls up a trace from Unity Trust Foundation, at their downtown office. They call a distracted Prince who says that is Suzette's branch location. So they call Suzette, who says that she is aware of and directed the removal of the paperwork, but that it was handled by an underling and she doesn't know the details. She says the papers were destroyed.

There's an intense conversation about who Tycho is, who he might be working for, and why Suzette is covering up and destroying valuable information. There seems to be no consensus on who to trust.

Richard updates Tobin on all of this. Then Danny grows balls of brass and decides to call the Prince, who isn't a member of Team Danny at the moment. After Richard clears the air, Danny brings him up to speed. When he says Tychos name, the Prince is surprised, as he just got word someone by that name was embracedearlier that night.

Lenny calls Peyton and fills her in on everything that has happened over the past few hours. They then have a conversation about Lenny not trusting the Tremere because of the blood bond with Harriet. Peyton says that this could be lifted if Lenny had anything to barter. Lenny can't think of anything.

Lenny and Richard head back to Yinzers, as they still suspect Sam of being involved with the destruction of the paperwork. Lenny intimidates him into talking, and points out he has investigated Sam's past. Sam admits that he was the ghoul of the former Brujah primogen Smithy until his death. He says that Gino took him on afterwards. He explains that he worked with Suzette out of care for Gino—he thinks bigger things are happening than Gino is aware of, and is willing to hide things from Gino if it means he is okay. Richard says that they will have to tell Gino. Sam says he will tell him himself—or go through Sully.

Meanwhile, Danny is by himself. He calls Dixon who says Tycho's embrace was an accident and that he is embarrassed over it, and upset he used up his boon from the prince that way. He apologizes that it happened at the Institute. Dixon sings Charlie's praises, which makes Danny a bit jealous.

Danny then decides to test his newfound celerity by chasing around a homeless guy, and feeding from him. Returning to the Institute, he finds a massive bloodstain and evidence of a shattered headlight in the alleyway, still from Dixon's frenzy. Danny calls Charlie upset and Charlie just sort of tells him its no big deal, the mortals won't suspect anything, and that the rain will wash it away. Danny isn't happy.

Peyton and Richard work on rituals. Lenny does some online reseach. Danny sulks. Daylight finally happens.

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Night Nine, Wednesday:

Evening falls on the weirdest night ever.

Peyton wakes up in the chantry and overhears Isolde communicating with her sire. They talk, and Isolde reveals that her sire used to be at this chantry and she was hoping to have some insight into Violet. They discuss Isolde's concerns about the city and the chantry.

James checks his phone to find radio silence from Charlie and Tom—which is weird. He touches base with Dixon who is with Charlie. Danny decides that he wants to "get the Prince a snack" by figuring out his Ventrue feeding preference. He figures he will see if he can get the Nosferatu to dig something up and calls Lenny.

Lenny wakes up to bitter emails from Lilly, and a message from Sully saying he will want some help but only after talking to the Tremere. He and Danny talk for a bit and he says he will find out Marcus's feeding preference if Danny gets him a snack. As he is leaving to go to the Institute, he notices a guy posted by the alleyway and finds out its a ghoul named Oscar who Sully posted to protect him. Lenny kind of resents this. He heads over to the Institute, and uses Mask of a Thousand Faces for the first time. It works, bu he's still really ugly.

Danny pep talks a random guy who seems depressed in the bar, and says he knows a "tutor" who happens to be hanging out in the basement. Lenny eats him. He comes upstairs and Danny recognizes him by the smell of his breath and compliments him on having a face.

Meanwhile, Richard has woken up to find that both Tobin and Sully have asked him for help. He does a fewrituals. He calls Tobin first. Tobin tells him that a member of the board of directors is pushing for an outsideagency to come and survey all the older buildings on campus, including the Cathedral of Learning, which would be an inconvience to the Tremere. Richard is asked to go and convince him to drop this issue.

Sully wants to know if Richard and Peyton could do a ritual in exchange for some "goodies". He asks if theycan do the cleansing of the flesh ritual. Richard says he will be glad to, but it will take a little time to research.

At the Institute, Danny has wandered over to a table of girls having a night out, and tells them they won free drinks, but that he needs to copy their IDs. Meanwhile, Lenny fields another call from Sully, who says that he has things planned with the Tremere. As soon as the Tremere have the ritual finalized, he is going to needLenny to stake Lilly, kill her ghoul cat, and drag her unconcious body to the Tremere's mansion. It turns out she still harbors infection from her embrace, and is a plague bearer. Sully's been handling this by just keeping her locked up, but this is how he plans to rectify the situation. He says this is best for Lilly. Lenny isn't so sure. Sully says if Lenny doesn't obey, he will let everyone know that Lenny killed his sire, and it will be the end of Lenny. He asks Sully for permission to make a ghoul, and pushes to try to give out info.

Danny yells at Lenny for smoking. Then they go outside and have a lengthy conversation about the blood stain on the wall from Dixon's frenzying before Tycho's embrace. They talk about for a while. It's a significantly commented on wall that no one is cleaning, just complaining about. Then they head over to Richard's for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, Sully has called up Peyton and asked about the same ritual as he has mentioned to Richard and Lenny. He meets her and hands over a pile of books he had pulled in while trying to find an appropriate ritual. They flirt. Peyton agrees to help him out. As he leaves, Sully offhand remarks that Peyton better not think that he owes her anything as he considers it to be on Harriet's tab. Peyton questions Harriet about this and Harriet seems anxious and implies she does owe Sully. She says she isn't surprised he researched the ritual himself as he doesn't leave much to chance and doesn't trust easily. Then she advises Peyton not to flirt too seriously as it might be taken to heart, which kind of grosses Peyton out.

Danny and Lenny arrive at Richard's and decide to tag along to go threaten a board member. They do this pretty much straightforward, talking their way past his wife, and Richard mesmerizing the guy. Lenny inexplicably puts on a fake French accent over his actual French accent. They leave.

Danny talks about going to find an example of the Prince's feeding preference to give him as a 'gift". Richard convinces him its a silly idea all around. After trying to talk the whole thing down, Danny finally agrees and claims it was Lenny's idea all along.

At this point, Tobin calls up Richard and asks if things went wrong talking to the board member. Richard said it was simple and went according to plan. Tobin asks why there was a murder just called into the police from that address. Richard whips the car back around and heads back to the house, arriving just after the police. Richard hears the wife crying and figures its a bad idea to head back in. Lenny is convinced to use Obfuscate to sneak in and see what the police are seeing. Sneaking inside, he finds that the wife is freaking out in the living room while a cop tries to get a story out of her. She says she just found his body. Lenny views the body, which is totally drained with no signs of injury.

He relays this to the guys in the car, and they decide to make the wife's brain break a bit. Lenny doesn't wantto help, but he is convinced to go do a big gross out reveal to the wife, then disappear when the cops look.

There's a long debate over whether this could be the work of the orb or not. Richard starts to question how this could have happen so soon after they left. He first has a full search of his vehicle to see if there's a tracking device on it or any of the coterie members. There's not. Then he posits the idea that Violet might have obfuscate abilities.

Back at the chantry, Tobin relays this situation on to Peyton, and seems confused by Violet's goals.

And then... the entire thing crumbles into disarray.

Danny really really wants to look for buildings that he could see the board member's house. Everyone else islike 'eh'. There's round and round discussions for a while. A long while. Finally Danny goes off to a building he thinks is a likely suspect, and everyone follows out of a sense of either pity or confusion.

Somehow, Danny has lead them to the very building that they saw on the security footage from 20 years ago (albeit renovated). He uses Auspex to look around and heads into an apartment. There, they find a woman done up to look just like Violet, who seems very befuddled under some form of discipline.

Upon talking, they find out that she was one of the women Danny talked to earlier that night in the Institute. He agrees to give her a ride home. Lenny and Richard basically stand around asking themselves, each other, and the universe what the hell just happened, not coming up with many answers.

Peyton and Isolde are told about this at the chantry by a confused Tobin and they all sort of react in befuddlement in response. Peyton asks pointed questions about the strengths of the city and is... left unimpressed.

Danny has some Danny time, then runs off to hide with Charlie for the day. Lenny does some reseach on Peyton's ex boyfriend/stalker. Richard does some rituals and research, and tests Beau's blood. He is shockedto find he had a one point blood bond to Violet. Peyton scans the books she got from Sully to CD and researches a ritual and a path.

For the recond, Tycho has spent the day just hanging out with Shaun and being angry and... i don't know, playing board games or something.

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Night Ten, Thursday:

Pretty much everyone hears from someone asking them to check out Tycho, who the Prince wants to see and Shaun considers stable enough to be in public. Except for Danny.

Danny wakes up and chats with Charlie and Dixon. Charlie's still comforting Dixon is upset that Danny isn'tdoing the same.

Richard and Peyton share a phone call regarding Tobin wanting to know about Tycho and why he was researching the Tremere. Peyton also gets an ominous email that seems to be from her evil ex. She uses Isoldes phone to text Danny for no reason other than causing drama, convincing him to come to the prince's offices as well. Lenny has a conversation with Sully who wants to know about the newcomer.

They rendevous at the Prince's office. Gino doesn't want to allow Danny in. Tycho shows up with Shaun andis confused and upset to see Danny there. The rest of them all go into the Prince's office.

The prince is alone except for his ghoul, and he completely loses the ability to handle the situation. Tycho is asking pointed questions about stuff Marcus has no clue about. The coterie tries to help answer them when they can. Tycho makes it clear that he isn't going to be stupid, but also doesn't care to play by the rules and he is generally pissed at being embraced. The prince asks the coterie to keep an eye on Tycho, and Richard pretty empahtically says no.

The coterie start to leave, except for Richard, who the prince asks to stay behind. Marcus asks about the killing of the board member, asking if there's anything that hasn't been told. Then he reveals that Danny had called him and said that he suspected Richard might have engineered it, and might have used the orb. Richard is horrified by the implication that the orb is secretly in his possession, and empathically denies the accussation. Marcus apologises for any slight and says he believes Richard, but needed to hear it from him.

In the lobby, the coterie is left with Tycho. Peyton attempts to teach him Kindred 101 stuff, but Tycho says he already knows it all and resents being talked down to. In an attempt to show him that he isn't as knowledgable as he thought, Peyton levitates a bit. Tycho is impressed and tries hopping around a bit to no avail. He doesn't react badly to Lenny's appearance through all of this, which is nice.

Tycho storms off, and Danny decides to follow him, keeping up because they have the same celerity. Tycho heads back to the bookstore he saw the ancient book in a few days prior. He has no idea the store belongs to Richard. He manages to break in using a fire escape, but Danny fails at following him. Meanwhile, Richard gets texts that his alarm has gone off and pulls up the live feed of the break in on his phone, showing it to everyone else there. Tycho searches through the store, unable to find the book, and tries to hack into a computer but finds little of use. Meanwhile, Danny just knocks on the front door. This startles Tycho, as police arrive. They end up questioning Danny, who calms them with awe, as Tycho escapes through the rearand gets away from him.

Richard, meanwhile, is rather indignant that no one else is as upset as he is that Tycho broke into his store.

It's around this time that Peyton gets a text from Isolde back at the chantry. After hearing that someone wearing Violet's clothing was found the previous day, she had taken it upon herself to research if it was ACTUALLY Violet's belongings. When she found out it was, she prepped for illuminate the trail of prey. She wants help with tracking Violet down, obviously, but also wants to make sure she gets credit for this action. Peyton rouses the troops, including the coterie and most of the Brujah of the city. They rendevous atthe Cathedral of Learning, and the hunt begins.

They track her to the Phillips conservatory, where she has been living, but it seems she took off running before they arrived. They follow, tracking her down to near the sports complex. She's running panicked, it seems. The Tremere just decide to go over the top here. Peyton's flying. There's fire. Richard burns a substantial amount of blood to become a godforsaken juggernaut. Danny makes an attempt to help by tackling her, but fails. She, in a last ditch effort, uses Love on him, making Danny turn and attack Richard instead. Richard stakes Danny. Peyton stakes Violet. Lenny decides to stay back, a bit overwhelmed by all of this, as you might imagine.

Then things get really crazy as Richard decides to diablerize Violet, and Peyton decides to cover for it. It works, and Violet gets ashed.

Richard basically is rolling around like a kitten with a belly full of milk as Peyton delivers a rousing speech to the Brujah. They are... a bit conflicted about what just happens. Peyton unstakes Danny and gives the stake back to Richard. Richard gathers up what's left of Violet's belongings and turns them over to Isolde, with the exception of the keys.

Peyton noms one of Violet's ghouls who is freaking out over by Violet's haven, then Gino throws him in a pickup truck to get rid of him. Everyone contacts someone to tell them the good news, and everyone goes home.

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