We’re monitoring many docks around the world, and have agents/ghouls working there, to notice unusual stuff happening (or help us cover tracks, when WE want some unusual stuff to be transferred from one country to another). One of our ghouls in Dover did spot some cargo being stolen/taken away right after being unloaded off the ship.
They decided to investigate the robbers, but we never heard from them ever since then. We usually don’t really care about a crate disappearing every now and then, but we got a pissed Trem who was waiting for some of its content. You need to find out who did this.
Go your inbox folder, in the hub's file explorer. We've sent you the only files we could get from the ghoul's drive, for now.
Once you're done investigating, report to our team using the link below.
As of the ghoul itself … Well, I guess Antifer won’t miss one of his expandable agents.
If you wanna find out what happened to them, feel free to do so, we don’t really care.
Just give us some time, to upload the rest of their remote drive, and you might find out something useful once it’s uploaded on the hub.

**Submit report**