Alright, if you're up for a challenge, you're in the right place.
We usually make some "treasure hunts"-ish kind of game for our new recruits to be,
but tonight I might use your help for something different.

See, our brood is open to anyone willing to join,
no matter what kind of blood runs in your cold veins,
nor what sect you used to serve.
But outsiders of our merry gang can still be a pain in the ass,
and it's often Sabbat dickheads.
B'cause they don't care much about the masquerade,
they sometimes draw too much attention, risking to break our cover too.
We have several brood-mates regularly monitoring shovelheads' communications system,
and one broody reported something that caught our interest.
Several Sabbat packs have been sending the video below.
Now, don't try to analyse it, or decrypt it, it's a regular movie trailer (looks kinda cheesy though).
But we're pretty sure they're using it as a secret "message",
to tell other packs where to gather, for some dickheads event.
Watch it, maybe you'll find some useful hints to locate the city they're targetting.
If, or rather when you do, you might want to check if we have some active broodmates there.

If you're willing to help us out, we'll owe you, and will allow you to join the Brood.